Last day to vote!

2 Dec

Today is the final day for UAW 2865 members to cast their votes in this contract ratification election. By all accounts the vote turnout at Berkeley and at most campuses has been ENORMOUS. If you haven’t voted yet, today is your last chance! Check here for campus-specific polling info.

Whatever the results of the election, this is a huge victory for the members of our local and its rank-and-file organizers. It turns out that when you actually share information with members, allow for discussion, disagreement and dissenting opinion, the democratic process and the union as a whole are strengthened–not destroyed! Who knew.

The sentiment of the (at least!) hundreds of members voting NO on this contract demonstrates that our membership is not apathetic about this bargaining process, they are willing to fight for a strong contract, and they do not accept the corporate and business-union logic that we should just be thankful to have our jobs–as many members of the Executive Board and Bargaining Team have been saying.

Whether we win or lose this vote, it is a testament to the fighting spirit of UC students and employees to take back our university. Berkeley members and supporters, join us Friday at 1pm in front of California Hall to hear the vote results (hopefully), to celebrate our involvement in this campaign, and to start the conversation about what happens next.


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