AWDU goes statewide

13 Dec

Many thanks to everyone who attended the first statewide meeting of the reform caucus this Saturday! Members from five campuses joined us in person and over skype to build on the connections made during the contract ratification vote. We shared lessons learned from the vote, discussed the history of our local and the history of pushes for reform within our local, our ideas on how our union should function and our goals for the kind of work we want our union to do. We made concrete plans to continue reaching out to the many members around the state who have realized in the course of this contract campaign–if it wasn’t clear before–that our local must do better in informing and organizing its members, creating spaces to hear their concerns and ideas, and fighting for our needs as workers and as students here at UC.

Even though this was the first time that many of us had met, and though our experiences vary greatly according to our campus or our field, we found that it was easy to agree on much of what is wrong with our union, on what we believe a union should be and what role our union should have in the fight for public education, and on the steps we need to take to continue building that union. Stay tuned for more reports from the statewide  on these conversations and our upcoming plans.

The AWDU members at Berkeley look forward to meeting many more caucus members next month in SoCal!


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