“Defend our pensions!” The executives want to protest, too!

17 Jan

A few weeks ago, the SF Chronicle broke a story about 36 UC executives who were threatening to sue the UC in order to get their pensions increased. Well, that seems alright! Workers throughout the UC are fighting to protect their pension benefits. Except, wait–these 36 executives are among the highest paid employees in the UC system. They were demanding that UC pay them pensions calculated against their full salaries, rather than based on an upper cap of $245,000. So, people making between $245,000-$700,000 are upset that upon retirement, they can’t receive a pension above $185,000 a year. Truly, everyone is suffering in these difficult times.

Students at the Boalt School of Law have decided to stand up for their Dean, Christopher Edley, one of the 36 signatories of the letter. They are organizing an “Assembly to Support Dean Edley” this Wednesday, January 19th at 12:45pm at Steinhart Courtyard, Boalt Hall.

Their call to action reads:

We write as members of the Boalt Hall community concerned over recent criticism of Dean Edley. As you may have heard, Dean Edley wrote to the Board of Regents on December 9 to remind them of their “moral and ethical” responsibilities to increase the pensions of University of California executives earning over $245,000. Taking a moral stand isn’t always easy or popular, but we applaud Dean Edley for doing so.

Although there are a host of problems now plaguing the University of California system, we agree with Dean Edley that this is an issue our community needs to address URGENTLY. While all of us have had to undertake sacrifices – rising tuition, cuts to financial aid, and layoffs – the demand letter serves as a timely reminder that, eventually, a line must be drawn.

Dean Edley’s powerful e-mail to the community serves as a moral challenge to us all. We hope that this dispute does not result in a “costly and unsuccessful legal confrontation for the University.” But if it does, we want to show the Board of Regents that some of this nation’s brightest young legal minds will be supporting Dean Edley in his fight for higher executive pensions.

This assembly promises to be an important moment for all of us to stand up and defend our beloved top executives. Members of the UC Movement for Efficient Privatization, UCMeP, are sure to be in attendance, continuing their charitable work through the Bereft Administrator’s Relief Fund. Please join their efforts to give BARF to upper administrators like Dean Edley. See you Wednesday!


2 Responses to ““Defend our pensions!” The executives want to protest, too!”

  1. ivy leeg January 17, 2011 at 6:52 pm #

    Does anyone know how much Edley’s Harvard pension is going to be when he retires? Since he’ll only have been at Berkeley about 10 years by the time he retires, I imagine he won’t be making anywhere near $185,000 from UC.

    • reagan January 19, 2011 at 3:49 pm #

      1 billion dollars! sorry that probably wasnt helpful at all.

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