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2 Feb

While we process the progress made at the recent statewide meeting of AWDU, the frustrations and lessons of the Joint Council, and prepare for upcoming vacancy elections in our local, we are also following the news of other struggles here at the UC, with our fellow students in Puerto Rico, and of course in Tahrir Square. Here’s some of the news we’re reading and, of course, ways that we can get involved:

  • Student protesters continue to face unfair and exaggerated charges from the November Regents Meeting and other actions. At the Joint Council meeting of our local this weekend, AWDU members proposed that the local sign a letter protesting the police response and got the local’s endorsement. You can sign a similar petition targeting UC Berkeley and Irvine administration as well as the UCPD, demanding that UC end its criminalization of protesters.
  • the UC is not alone in its practices of turning police on students fighting for their right to public education, and at the University of Puerto Rico the conflict has escalated to new levels. Police at UPR are now firing rubber bullets at protesters, you can read an in depth report here.
  • And in Cairo and throughout Egypt the unprecedented and inspiring movement for democracy continue. The antiwar organization UNAC is calling for international solidarity protests this Friday, Feb 5th. In San Francisco, the event will happen at 1pm at UN Plaza. AWDU members will be there to show our support for the people of Egypt, Tunisia, and other nations where this new intifada is spreading. Read UNAC’s call here.

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