AWDU in the news

17 Feb

Check out this article in the UC Davis student newspaper, The Aggie, about the recent vacancy elections that weren’t. The article investigates union members who were not allowed to run for union positions in the last election because of technicalities.

Vacancy elections that were originally scheduled to take place this week were called off when, conveniently, exactly the right number of candidates withdrew their candidacy so that the election would be uncontested. If the 5 candidates who were disqualified from running had been allowed, the election would still be happening. AWDU firmly believes that having these vacancy elections would have been a positive event for our local, giving members the opportunity to find out about the people becoming head stewards and filling positions on our executive board.

We look forward to the triennial elections in May, when the members will have the opportunity to choose their union reps in a real election–democratic elections are not inconvenient and they are not “divisive,” they ensure the health of our union, that it is representing the needs of the members, and that members have a voice in its structures.


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