On March 2nd join the fight to defend public education!

21 Feb

March 2nd is our next opportunity as students, teachers, and educational workers around the Bay Area and the state to stand up for public education and oppose the additional $1.4 billion cut to higher education.

In our interests as students, teachers, and union members, but also in solidarity with other public sectors, with student activists that are suffering from repression and UC workers that are being laid-off, grad students will be out in force on March 2nd to show our commitment to fight for quality, affordable public education!

Join in by taking your section to Memorial Glade that day, attending the resistance picnic at noon for free food and discussions, and coming to the 5pm rally where students and workers from all over the East Bay will converge.

Here is the call to action for March 2nd posted at Mobilize Berkeley:

Tired of budget cuts and student fees? Pissed about the fact that you’ll have to stay 13 years just to get into all of your required courses? Sick of the UC executive pay increases and staff layoffs? Are you angry about the past political repression of students and workers in the UC system? Recent events in Puerto Rico, Wisconsin, Egypt, Tunisia, etc. show us that students and workers are fighting against Austerity and Political Repression. Join us in the following March 2 activities for UCB and the Bay Area!

If you are a grad student or ASE, sign this pledge to show your support and to get updates about the March 2nd planning. Talk to your colleagues, fellow grad students, and students about March 2nd. Help us spread the word by forwarding this information.

Check out the Facebook group for more updates.


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