Announcing the AWDU slate!

15 Apr

From April 26-28th, members of UAW 2865 will have the chance to vote in new union leadership in the local’s triennial elections. AWDU, which has been organizing to reform our local for more than a year, has 60 candidates running for campus leadership across the UCs including a full slate for the Executive Board of the local.

Check out the statements by our candidates for Executive Board and for Berkeley Unit leadership to get a sense of the amazing people who have come together to represent AWDU in these elections. If you like what you see, please endorse our slate.

The differences between AWDU and the current leadership of the local (who might be emailing you under the name “United for Social and Economic Justice”) are vast, and as you explore this blog and our statewide website, will become crystal clear. Here are some of the crucial differences:

  1. AWDU is a true caucus inside our local, while “United for Social and Economic Justice” is only a front name for the current leadership, created in response to AWDU’s campaign in our local’s February vacancy election. What does it mean to be an active caucus? It means that members of our local who are committed to democratic reform come together weekly on our campus to discuss what’s happening in our union, what issues our members are facing, and to collectively decide upon strategy to advocate in our local’s membership and leadership meetings. AWDU has been meeting here at Berkeley since January 2010 and as a statewide body with activist members from every campus since December of 2010. Unlike “United for Social and Economic Justice,” we are current students and working members of the local and we are not on the payroll of the international union.
  2. AWDU has been working tirelessly for months to collectively develop a platform of principles and a program of structural reform which lays out clearly and thoroughly what our beliefs and practices are. Unlike the current leadership, we’re not asking you to elect us just because you know us. We’re not throwing around terms like “democratic” and “member-run” in a disingenuous bid to win your vote. Instead, we’re showing you our record, telling you exactly what our goals are and how we believe we can achieve them. AWDU isn’t asking you to trust us to turn Local 2865 around for you — we’re asking you to join us in restructuring the Local so that the members become the decision-makers.
  3. Each of AWDU’s candidates for Executive Board and Campus leadership have agreed to support the platform and the reform program–they are all active participants in AWDU’s project. The “United for Social and Economic Justice” candidates have gone through no such process. In fact, it seems that some of their candidates didn’t even know they had joined a caucus! As you read our candidate statements, you’ll see the wide range of experience, backgrounds and perspectives our candidates bring, but you also know that we’ve all come together in AWDU to build a democratic local, one which is run by its members and is therefore a true force to fight for our rights as workers and for the future of our university.
  4. AWDU’s commitment to fight for student-workers and to defend public education is not just talk. In the past year on this campus we’ve organized the contract campaign, grad student participation in the days of action to defend public education, support for the hunger strike opposing SB 1070, teach ins on the budget cuts, solidarity actions with Wisconsin workers, a survey to collect information on GSIs being overworked, a campaign to stop benefits decentralization…the list goes on. On the other hand, most of the “United for Social and Economic Justice” candidates from Berkeley don’t even come to our membership meetings.

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