Victory For UAW 2865 Members in Fight to Get Count Restarted!

3 May

All out! Come to the union office today at 6 to celebrate this victory for our members!

We have just learned that the elections committee of our local convened today at 12:30pm and agreed to restart the counting at 9am on Thursday (5/5)! This is a huge victory for rank-and-file members who joined or supported the sit-in at the statewide offices in Berkeley and LA and for everyone who helped with emails, media contacts, petitions and with securing support from progressive faculty and labor activists!! By drawing on the proud tradition of rank-and-file activism and direct action in the US labor movement, the tradition which built the UAW in the first place, members made clear that they would not stand by and allow themselves to be disenfranchised.

AWDU candidates and supporters look forward to the resumption of the count and will be present to help ensure it proceeds without unnecessary delays or suspensions. It has been our position all along that win or lose, AWDU is committed to an elections process that is free and fair, and that allows ordinary members to decide how their union should be run, and by whom. Given the extraordinary and outrageous circumstances in which the count was suspended, we plan to continue the sit-in until the voting process is fully complete and a certified result has been issued.


One Response to “Victory For UAW 2865 Members in Fight to Get Count Restarted!”

  1. Friendlyface May 3, 2011 at 2:24 pm #

    The UAW has a very powerful appeal process that even gives you the opportunity to take cases to an independent panel of arbitrators. Election results have been overturned in the past.

    Your local may be trying to run out the clock on an appeal against the various improprieties that have taken place in this election. According to
    you may have only seven days after the polls close to file an appeal.

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