May 4th update from the Local 2865 sit-down at the statewide office in Berkeley

5 May

This Thursday (May 5th) the vote count is supposed to recommence! All members and allies are invited to gather at 7 pm in our statewide office in Berkeley (2070 Allston, Suite 205) for a potluck dinner and (hopefully) a celebration of the completion of our election according to proper democratic procedures, and also to discuss the our strategy for how to proceed regardless of the election results.

May 4th update from the Local 2865 sit-down at the statewide office in Berkeley. We recognize that unpredictable events may take place and we will continue our sit-down throughout the day at our Berkeley office to monitor updates from the vote counting in LA. We strongly encourage union members to restrain themselves from any unilateral brash reactions to possible unpredictable events that might threaten the continuation of the vote counts. The members currently participating in the sit-down at our statewide office feel that we currently have enough media coverage and outside supporters and allies that we can wait until our membership meeting at 7pm to discuss and plan any collective action that might be required to respond to unpredictable events.

Today, Wednesday, was a calm and quiet day here at out sit-down – many members participated and dropped by during the day to share snacks, write papers or grade finals, track news reports on our struggle and continue to reach out for solidarity while we continue to await the restart of the vote count.

We also had the pleasure of receive visits in support and solidarity from Sal Rosselli, the president of the National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW), Mike Parker, UAW Local 1700 member, as well as Ellen David-Friedman from Labor Notes. We shared many thoughts and histories about labor union struggles and the current political and economic situation here in California and across the country.

Today we also saw that our struggle for union democracy received additional media coverage on the Huffington Post, the Daily Cal, the Oakland Tribune and In These Times. Also, prominent scholars continue to sign on to a letter in support and solidarity with our struggle, they are now more than 80 individuals!

In optimistic anticipation and solidarity,

The members of the UAW Local 2865 sitting-down in Berkeley


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