Call to all members–attend the Statewide Membership Meeting 5/21!

17 May

Dear UAW 2865 members, graduate students, and undergraduate students,

Over the last three weeks, the UAW 2865 Triennial Election galvanized thousands of us to speak out for different visions of a more democratic and effective union, in the face of massive budget cuts. But we all support empowering the entire membership to decide the future of our union.

As a first step, we have scheduled a special statewide membership meeting of the union to let all members decide where we go from here. Here are the details:

Special Statewide Membership Meeting for UAW 2865
Saturday, May 21st – 2 pm to 5 pm
Room 100, Boalt Hall – UC Berkeley

We are asking all members to help set the agenda for this meeting. If you can make it to the meeting, need a ride or a place to stay for the meeting, can offer a ride or a place to stay, or have an idea about what should be on the agenda, you can let us know here.

We will use signups at the link above to coordinate carpools, caravans, childcare, and housing for the meeting. We will also provide mileage reimbursement for travel to the statewide meeting.

The debate about the future of our union took place as thousands of teachers, students, and workers have rallied in Sacramento under the slogan “State of Emergency.” The cuts to public services and the UC system, including cuts to graduate student teaching positions, reader positions, and undergrad tutoring programs, are indeed an emergency. So we expect that high on the agenda will be stepping up the fight against increasing class sizes, fee hikes, rising housing costs, new budget cuts, and UC management’s capping of funding for fee remissions and health benefits for graduate student employees. But first and foremost, we expect to discuss proposals to make our union more bottom-up, democratic, and transparent so that we will be strong enough to win these fights. These proposals will likely include resolutions to any problems that occurred in our UAW 2865 Triennial Election, which just took place.

It inspired all of us to see thousands of you speak out about the future of our union in the Triennial Election. But it will take much more from all of us if we are going to maintain California’s university system along with our current jobs as teaching assistants, readers, and tutors.

We hope that you will join us for this statewide membership meeting as a critical next step.

In Solidarity,

Cheryl Deutsch, Anthropology – UC Irvine – UAW 2865 President
Elliot Kim, History – UC Riverside – UAW 2865 Southern Vice President
Sara Smith, Labor History – UC Santa Cruz – UAW 2865 Northern Vice President
Charlie Eaton, Sociology – UC Berkeley – UAW 2865 Finance Secretary
Mandy Cohen, Comparative Literature – UC Berkeley – UAW 2865 Recording Secretary
Kyle Arnone, Sociology – UCLA – UAW 2865 Trustee
Nick Kardahji, History – UC Berkeley – UAW 2865 Trustee
Brenda Medina-Hernandez, History – UC Davis – UAW 2865 Trustee
Jordan Brocious, Physices – UC Irvine – UAW 2865 Sergeant at Arms
Blanca Misse, French – UC Berkeley – UAW 2865 Guide

Olivier Dufault, History – UC Santa Barbara
Sunny Lim, History – UC Santa Barbara
Henry Maar, Modern US History – UC Santa Barbara
Jeb Sprague, Sociology – UC Santa Barbara

Josh Brahinsky, History of Consciousness – UC Santa Cruz – Campus Recording Secretary-Elect
Erin Ellison, Psychology – UC Santa Cruz
Kelsi Evans, History – UC Santa Cruz
Michelle Glowa, Environmental Studies – UC Santa Cruz – Head Steward-Elect
Jessy Lancaster, Psychology – UC Santa Cruz – Outgoing Campus Recording Secretary
Brian Malone, Literature – UC Santa Cruz – Outgoing Campus Unit Chair
Mark Paschal, History of Consciousness – UC Santa Cruz
Jeb Purucker, Literature – UC Santa Cruz
Jeff Sanceri, History – UC Santa Cruz – Graduate Student Assembly President
Jasmine Sydullah, Politics – UC Santa Cruz
Alisun Thompson, Education – UC Santa Cruz
Mary Virginia Watson, Politics – UC Santa Cruz, Unit Chair-Elect

Muni Citrin, Communications – UC San Diego
Patrick Emmett, Religious Studies – UC Riverside – Steward

Will Clark, English – UCLA
Erin Conley, English – UCLA
Yu-ting Huang, Comparative Literature – UCLA – Candidate for Head Steward
Renee Hudson, English – UCLA
Andrew Morgan, History – UC Davis – Head Steward-Elect
Dustianne North, Social Welfare – UCLA
Alexei Nowak, Comparative Literature – UCLA
Fernando Serrano Jr, History – UCLA – UAW 2865 Steward
Jeremy Schmidt, English – UCLA – Candidate for Unit Chair
Althea Sircar, Political Science – UCLA
Zachary Williams, Political Science – UCLA – Candidate for Head Steward
Elise Youn, Urban Planning – UCLA

Chima Anyadike-Danes, Anthropology – UC Irvine – Head Steward-Elect
Alfredo Carlos, Political Science – UC Irvine – Head Steward Elect
Leksa Chmielewski, Anthropology – UC Irvine
Ben Cox, Anthropology – UC Irvine – UAW 2865 Campus Head Steward-Elect
Véronique Fortin, Criminology – UC Irvine – UAW 2865 Head Steward-Elect
Padma Govindan, Anthropology – UC Irvine
Anne Kelly, Earth System Science – UC Irvine – Campus Recording Secretary-Elect
Seneca Lindsay, Earth System Science – UC Irvine – Head Steward-Elect
Bron Tamulis, Political Science – UC Irvine
Robert Wood, Comparative Literature – UC Irvine – Unit Chair-Elect

Tim Gutierrez, Sociology – UC Davis – Head Steward-Elect
Andrew Higgins, History – UC Davis – UAW 2865 Head Steward-Elect
Tom O’Donnell, History – UC Davis – Candidate for Head Steward
Nick Perrone, History – UC Davis – Campus Recording Secretary-Elect
Jessica Taal, Education – UC Davis – UAW 2865 Head Steward-Elect
Eran Zelnik, History – UC Davis – Head Steward-Elect

Rachel Brahinsky, Geography – UC Berkeley – Head Steward-Elect
Rob Connell, African American Studies – UC Berkeley – Head Steward-Elect
Barry Eidlin, Sociology – UC Berkeley
Katy Fox-Hodess, Sociology – UC Berkeley – Head Steward-Elect
Jenna Ingalls, German Literature – UC Berkeley – Steward
Pablo Gaston, Sociology, – UC Berkeley, Head Steward-Elect
Zachary Levenson, Sociology – UC Berkeley
Larisa Mann, Jurisprudence and Social Policy – UC Berkeley – Head Steward-Elect
Aaron Platt, Sociology – UC Berkeley
Manuel Rosaldo, Sociology – UC Berkeley – Head Steward
Chris Schildt, City and Regional Planning – UC Berkeley – Head Steward-Elect
John Stehlin, Geography – UC Berkeley
Jennifer Tucker, City and Regional Planning – UC Berkeley – Berkeley Unit Chair-Elect

Contact Us!

Berkeley – Phone: 510-849-1628 – Email:
Davis – Phone: 530-759-9097 – Email:
Irvine – Phone: 949-725-2953 – Email:
Los Angeles – Phone: 310-208-2429 – Email:
Merced – Phone: 510-549-3863 – Email:
Riverside – Phone: 951-369-8075 – Email:
San Diego – Phone: 858-550-0239 – Email:
Santa – Phone: 805-685-3886 – Email:
Santa Cruz – Phone: 831-423-9737 – Email:


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