Member Demands

The following demands were complied based on member feedback in departmental meetings throughout the spring. They were passed unanimously at the Berkeley unit’s monthly membership meeting on April 28, 2010.


We believe that no graduate student should suffer financial hardship because they have a family. To this end, we demand that:

* dependent care should be part of our compensation package when working

* childcare reimbursement should reflect the true cost of that care

* high-quality, at no cost childcare should be available for all ASEs

* maternity and partner leave should be compensated the entire 12 month year and extended to more than 4 weeks


We believe that UC should pay all employees a living wage/salary at the minimum, and we believe pay increases and pay scales should be transparent and fair. To this end we demand:

* transparency and the ability to bargain over the Berkeley and any other campus “step” system, assurance that it is being implemented fairly and that this language is written into our contract

* assurance that all ASEs have the chance to earn or receive at least the income that the University itself claims to be necessary to live in the Bay Area, and that all wage/salary increases reflect this

* that wages/salaries reflect at least the University’s own estimated costs for out-of-state and international students


We believe in and are committed to excellence in education that the UC strives for. Therefore, we must protect ourselves as workers, increase our job security and improve our working conditions. We demand:

* a guaranteed minimum of GSIships/readerships, etc. available to us if we chose to take them, not maximums

* full coverage in all fee remissions when we are working, regardless of the arbitrary names for fees used by the UC

* that Article 9 be eliminated from the contract

* the establishment of reasonable student-to-ASE ratios that account for discipline-specific pedagogical needs, and clear guidelines for the time required for certain tasks (such as grading, reading, preparing exams, preparing for section, etc.) in each discipline.

* Appointment notifications should be provided at least 12 months in advance

* Eligibility criteria for employment should be stated clearly in the contract

* Required training and orientation should be included in the workload


We believe that no graduate student should suffer financial hardships because of any medical condition or health issue they may have. Therefore, we demand:

* no co-pays for Tang Center visits or external services

* remove “one complaint per visit” limit at Tang Center

* Tang Center should be open during breaks

* no upfront expenses for medications at any time

* improved and expanded mental health care at Tang Center, including but not limited to re-hiring the mental health worker who was laid off and increasing mental health staff

* no co-pays for prescription medications

* improved dental coverage, expanded maximums

* no monetary penalization for use of ambulance services, whether admitted to the hospital or not

* that preventative and alternative care be covered by our insurance plan

* that the health plan can be extended for more than 6 months after an ASE leaves school in the case where extended medical coverage is necessary

* that any savings the UC gains from a system-wide plan go directly to improving and expanding health services for students and hiring more health care workers as needed

* no lifetime maximums on payouts

* outside referrals provided automatically if no guaranteed Tang Center appointments can be provided

* equal access to special clinics guaranteed

* no extra costs for healthcare when in absentia, filing fee

We find the above demands to be reasonable and essential to improving our working and learning conditions at UC Berkeley.


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