Reports approved by Berkeley Membership Meeting 1/25

Below are the proposals of the Berkeley membership for issues that our local should address and projects to take up this semester.

Union function:

1)    beginning of academic year (each semester) a union calendar of social events: pub night, social, film screening, etc

2)    request info chart on VCAP donations

3)    improve circulation of information in the local: redesign website? Newsletter? Campus leadership has access to email list?

4)    Build stewards network through mapping depts. by building

Union organizing and outreach:

1)    outreach to undergrad tutors and undergrad GSIs: designate one or two stewards to work on this specifically

2)    outreach to depts. with low membership/historically underrepresented: research on which depts. these are, attempt to recruit stewards

3)    begin to survey GSRs about organizing with the union

4)    workload campaign: this semester collect data on workload violations, ask people to track hours, publicize information about workload limits, identify problem depts./courses/professors. In the fall launch a campaign: mass grievance, etc

Campus and State:

1)    Operational Excellence: to understand the effects on our depts., encourage members to talk to the staff in their depts. about the cuts. Organize dept meetings (students, staff, and faculty!) to discuss how the cuts are affecting them.

2)    Recommend that the statewide local endorse March 2

3)    Committee to write educational material about the effects of cuts on our members

4)    Establish delegates to SA, SWAT, labor committee (other coalition bodies? UCUC, UCSA, Regional coordinating committee)

5)    Endorse, publicize, attend AFSCME’s screening of “Hanging by a Thread” on Feb 1st

6)    Call an extra membership meeting in two weeks (week of 2/7) to discuss our local’s involvement on March 2nd and ideas for our local’s involvement in state budget issues and UC governance.



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