Vote AWDU!

On April 26-28, members of UAW 2865 have the chance to vote for new leadership on every campus and on the Executive Board of the local. AWDU has 60 candidates running! Here’s all you could ever hope to know about our slate and our positions. If you like what you see, please endorse the slate and help us to spread the word in your department and to your friends and colleagues. Forward them a post from our blog, print out some of our flyers, and ask others to endorse the slate!

We also need lots of members to help run the polls during the election, if you want to help, email the unit:

Statewide Website – the central location for AWDU’s campaign, with campaign information about candidates from every campus

Our Platform – a document developed by AWDU activists statewide on our principles and visions for a better union and a better UC

Our Positions on Reform – concrete plans for how we hope to reform the structure of the local so that power is placed in the hands of the members

Executive Board Candidate Statements – learn about the 10 members who are running to represent AWDU on the Executive Board of our local

Berkeley Unit Candidate Statements – you know ’em, you love ’em, check out the statements of the 15 Berkeley AWDU members running for Unit Chair, Recording Secretary, and Head Stewards on our campus.

Campaign literature – check out these flyers and leaflets for the AWDU slate. Share them, post them, use one for your profile pic…

Facebook – if you plan to vote for AWDU, show your support by joining the Facebook event


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